Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pedalhead Perogy Alberta XC Championships

Beauty day for a drive up to Edmonton - I hadn't planned to go but Shawn made some solid counterpoints and off we went.

Pre ride showed it to be a warm day, fun twisty course. Good group out. 

Start was straight up hill. I lined up behind Shawn. Gun went and the group sprinted off with power. How much power?  Too much. As in Shawn's chain broke precisely at the 7 second mark. And me being behind got caught up in the action. So once we were moving, Bunnin was off to repair and I was dead last. I started working through a few of the field, legs felt ok but not great. Then I wasn't moving forward. Then I was hurting. Like way hurting. I was down under a hundred Watts and wondering what the hell was going on. I hadn't been riding a ton, but Tuesday was having fun with power riding with Shawn and Dave. It's not like I've been partying and working.  My stomach felt off... wait a minute... I have two cats at home with giardia and on medicine and a vets instructions to be careful and clean the house thoroughly. Hmm... Anyone who's seen the furry fiends knows keeping them off things is a bit of wishful thinking, they've probably been fornicating with my toothbrushes all night. 

Shawn came by on lap three with his chain fixed. We chatted and both agreed we'd finish.  But 25 minutes later as I cruised into the finish area at hardly a rolling pace I knew the right call was to pull. Shoot. 

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