Friday, 4 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 6 - Squamish

Nice morning, warm but not hot. Good riding weather. Squamish always is a fast start, the couple km's of pavement flat then climb really let's it ramp up. My legs felt good off the start, everyone was swarming the sides of the peloton but I felt on the climb it's sort out fast so didn't waste energy. Once we hit the steep pitch I could see Shawn ahead, then looked up to see Kris Sneddon. Despite the face that the field was stretched out already, he went from seated to standing there and continued to gap everyone. 

We ducked into trails and I had my first wipeout of the year - strongly aided by a guest rider. Yuck. Its good marketing, and I know they get a speech before that they're guests and to chill, but they don't. Got back on, and next corner was a left 90 degree at the bottom of a gravel path.  Buddy a few riders up somehow navigates this superman style in his stomach. Not fun on gravel. 

Nice trails after that, good climbing in "Rupert's" followed by some granite slab features. Took me like 20 minutes to make it back to about where I had been. Had some good wheels to work with on the gravel road commute over to half Nelson, which has had a lot of work done to it from last year, amazing quality tables and pump track style jumps. 

Really didn't light it up on the enduro, I was feeling weak at that point and had eating just before, but couldn't focus or pedal enough to make that count. Oh well. Got my act together for the crumpet woods climbs and had a respectable finish. 

Cindy had a longer day, said she was climbing great but struggled still with speed on the powerhouse plunge that's just one snarled bunch of roots and rocks from start to finish with no smooth areas outside the bridges. 

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