Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tour du Bowness Road Race 2014

Well, let's start with saying I love road racing, and I should probably do more.  It'd be even more fun if it hurt a little less!

Jay picked me up at a little after 7, second night in a row for me with suboptimal sleep as Cindy was saving people/kitties/whatever her in sleep.  Packed up and off.  Registration was a breeze, then it was warmup/dawdle till start.

We coasted down to Horse Creek Road then turned north.  I think elapsed time was 5 minutes till we were pedalling 55km/h.  Bit of a tailwind made that survivable though.  First lap hill climb past the feed zone I felt acceptable, which is first test really.  The ~1km steep climb on way back that's steep was the second test, again felt ok.  I was happy to be riding decent.  Now all I had to do was extend that for two more laps…

Second one wasn't any problem until the last few km before turnaround.  It was starting to feel hot.  My arms were shiny with sweat… although I had drinks and such, I had meant to put an electrolyte tab in my pocket.  I used a time release electrolyte all BC Bike Race on the hot days, a free little pack I got at the Whiskey 50, and even in the heat, I could always put power down right to the finish.  But BCBR exhausted my supply, I can't order more of that blend to Canada (rather simple, they mix the tab with wax like a Skittle so it time releases).  And on top of that I forgot even my normal ones.  Doh.  I asked around for a bit, but the the lights were dimming quick.

I rode last lap solo save for passing one rider, then tagged onto a 135lb Team Saskatchewan guy whom I rode the last 30km with.  He was kind enough to hand over some fluids, then also he took two bottles at the feed zone to get us both home, as the quid pro quo for drafting me 95% of the way into the headwinds.  Last turn up to the finish he shifted down to ride up with me, and I said that was a nice gesture but there's no sense a climber's build like that needs to wait for fending off cramping me uphill for the last bit - not like we're podium material here.

It'd be nice to put in three solid laps.  I haven't been doing a ton of long riding, but felt acceptable.  You can always eat less at the office - my post Nepal body fat was probably better for road racing.  But even just not finishing with goose bumps and looking ghostly white in the heat is something I'd take.

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