Thursday, 10 July 2014

Newest Bakke - Maggie!

We got Maggie from a farm this week. 9 weeks old. We've never seen so much energy. She weights less than a cup of coffee. After the scary car ride home and a first night in life alone in laundry room, we discovered we certainly didn't have a wallflower. The next hour was a power hour of running, jumping, mauling a fluffy bow tie toy, 45 mins of solid hyperactivity with a dingle ball. Marvin chased her until she ducked and ran under his legs when he tried a head on pounce. It was ninja like. Suddenly from behind she turned the tables and chased him until he was too tired to move 20 mins later. She's 1/9th his size and just owned him.  When he eats, she walks under his legs and eats under him from his dish. When he has a toy, she goes and plays with it too. She out jumps him to places in the house he can't get to and has very clever play fight techniques. No fear.  I don't think he was expecting it. She also purrs like a tractor, can climb anything, and has love to give. The good thing is he seems to be love having a friend despite being befuddled by such a bundle of energy and confidence.

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