Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Riding bikes is awesome

Tonight was one of those nights where I was feeling worn down, had a few stress on the mind issues from work, and wasn't sure if I'd make tonight's ride. But I pulled it together and commuted up with Bunnin. Plan from the ATB/BD&P group was for some intervals. 

We chatted out to our point of destruction and were instructed to lap a 1km course one lap recon, one "on" and one off.  So 4 all out efforts. That can't be hard right?  They're under 90 seconds. 

Not hard unless Bunnin and Dave Cook are present. I hadn't known Dave until this year and these group rides. Dave's credentials include prior national team status and hilarious stories from racing a decade or two back - like getting in an 80km 2 man break at the Tour of Texas with some guy who was "so strong and focused riding solo, strong as a horse and did 80% of the pulling". Some British guy he hadn't heard of before. Chris Boardman was his name...  ; ) Dave generates some serious power out of tree trunk legs! Three of us alternated leading each other out and simultaneously slaying each other. I haven't felt that hyper exerted in a while. The sun was shining, we pushed each other, and it just felt like a full reset on life. So good. 

Nobody in their right mind could do that solo. That's what makes riding with friends so awesome. 

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