Wednesday, 2 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 4 - Earl's Cove to the infernos of hell, err Sechelt

Yesterday post race we did glorious nothing. Lied on grass, overlooking the ocean and island, among giant trees, and  talked. But it was comfortably intermittent as it can be when relaxed and among friends. 

Cindy and I float planed over which allowed me to join in an hour long conference call to start with some relaxation. 

Race got going before noon. It was hot. In start queue sun without air movement my GPS said 33. Riding in shade it was saying 27, later it was 30 in the sun. That's hot for me. BakingBakke is a situation I don't thrive on. 

Paced moderate off start, which worked for me at the end of the day. Made conversation. Felt dripping sweat, arms just glistened. Kept drinking. 

It all worked at the end, didn't cramp or blow up, but didn't really have any fast bits.  Ending singletrack I kept seeing Wendy but just couldn't close it, right to finish she was 20 seconds ahead. So smooth. 

Shawn felt the effects of heat, Jon had a satisfactory birthday ride all things considered. Cindy came in smiling as usual and didn't look too worse for wear. 

Happy birthday Jon!  Sunny day riding with friends is still good, although I'm sure it'd be better with more skin!

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