Friday, 18 July 2014

Blackcomb tele ski camp

Here was a representative ski day I thought I'd log on Strava for fun.  If there's one thing I know it's that between tele skiing and biking by the time I'm done with this world my legs are going to very well used!

Nighty nighty at athletes village.

Not often that I can wear shorts and sneakers on the chair. It's 3 chairs and a bus ride of commute. 

Beauty day. 

Mud to snow transition. 

We weren't allowed over there. The big one is too big for me, probably on anything, but for sure on tele but the one just behind had my eye all day! There was serious spinning and inversion going on all day. 

Another view from the more mogul and freestyle side. 

We got a lot of runs in. The new Volkl's don't back down from ice. It's very different thinking about being close to a gate and having an edge that gives zero argument about taking you there.  Good coaching from a guy I met at Silver Star this spring. And the same truth as before - it's a diverse group but tele people are nice people. Completely awesome mindset to be around high performance skiers. Loving it. Nap time then dry land then dinner then video review then bed. 

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