Tuesday, 1 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 2 - Cumberland

First, here's some approximate results for day 1. There's issue with some timing chips it seems. Deep field this year, lots of fast riders. 

Cumberland single track was awesome. Challenge was getting to it. I felt great off the start and was moving forward, Jon was feeling greater and moving forward faster.  Then the lights went out.  I think parky heat, and in retrospect I think I burned what was in my legs, then the too recent breakfast I had with the proteins first and carbs after blocked more easy energy from going in fast enough. It was like I hit the rewind button I was going backward so fast.  Singletrack salvation finally arrived where I could substitute skill for engine and had time to let the stomach catch up. After the first long section we popped out to road and I felt good starting to pedal forward. Approaching aid 1 a guy came backwards up the road saying we were all going wrong way; fortunately I was with a Cumberland native who said we were fine. Dropped into trials again and got bottlenecks behind two guys. Cumberland guy asked if he could pass, I moved over and said sure but I don't think you're going to have luck with the two up front. That was status quo for a while until there was a huge drop/roll out and a chicken line around. Everyone took the chicken line except Cumberland guy and he passed the two. Move of the day! It opened up after and I rode back up to Cumberland guy. 

Came through start finish and out to climb 2. I was snacking and a train came up with two Swiss guys on front who were drilling it up the climb. I got on, held them for 2/3 until everyone else was gone except me and Lea Davison. We rode together till we saw Nutbrown. Umm, he looked ragged. I said dig in and hold on. But I didn't see his battle scars given which side I passed him on. Ore on that later. 

Caught the two Swiss guys I. Single track, they had ok side letting me by after I told them how good of road climbers they were. Last few km were chasing Brian Cooke through the cleared forest plateau but I couldn't make any time on him (unsurprising really!).  Finished say a minute back from him but don't know. Would be a lower place than day one given the start blow up but survived and recovered at end. 

So back to Jon. He rolls in and I see has lots of blood and dirt on arms. He was trying to stretch cramps by bracing foot on saddle, but his saddle is broken at back and his foot slid off and into his rear wheel. On gravel. At 50kph. Ugh. Ohh Jon I feel your pain. 

I didn't have camera then. Here's the after shots of medical. We washed his bike and got dinner to go. He'll still ride. Second photocopy shot of x ray shows the gravel bits that are still in his arm after doctors spent lots of time cleaning. 

Chambers suffered with the ribs and Bunnin is rocking it. 

Stage 2 results. 

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