Saturday, 5 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 7 - Whistler

I had comfortable time gaps front and back, especially for a short stage, so didn't have that on my mind like many other racers today. Plus it's not like I'm fighting for a podium spot, it appears I'm due for the round number 25. Cooler morning, and first day where my legs felt sore. I pushed hard yesterday and was "within" or "better" than my 5 minutes per hour Bunnin ratio. 

We climbed right up easy does it and my legs felt like cement. I was really going backwards. Felt better when we got to the flatter portion, then ducked into the downhill trails. Only issue was on one of the fast longer alumnus a guy bit it really hard about 3 riders up. I started stopping traffic behind right away. He was out cold, and had [presumably] slid his front tire either by braking or just wet slipperiness on the bridge and put the noggan into the adjacent tree at a pretty good speed. Ouch. Typical procedure is not to move someone, but people put him on the bridge lying down as the way he came to a stop was rag dolled across bridge with back on it and limbs drooping over both sides which didn't seem appropriate to leave. I knew trail enough to know the gravel service road was a bit ahead so walked through woods around bridge once everything was settled. Once a dozen or so riders were there a doctor and first aid responder were in the rider mix. I told first person with walkie talkie his name and number that his partner in the race had provided. After that you kind of shrug and realize you aren't going to be much help so proceeded on. Slowly. Every wet rock and bridge looked different after that. 

Eventually got down, did the 180 back up the climb, and legs again felt like cement after they'd done the first long descent then got asked to steep climb again. 

Transferred into the Lost Lake trails and felt better, tons of fun winding through the technical. Then before I knew it it's back to the finish. 

Shawn was in, Jon was shortly after, and then this proud mountain biker came in with big smiles for finishing her first BC Bike Race. There's always room for improvement for any rider, but even being able to navigate a solid week of west coast trials means someone is a good enough technical rider to ride just about anything!  Cindy is twice my ranking as she's 12thvin women and I'm 24th, same as last year but in what I feel was a harder field. 

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