Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday Ride

Kate, Craig, Thomas and I went for a great ride. Singletrack by Bowness and under Stoney bridge was in prime shape. Found a new shortcut. Felt good all the way to Cochrane - Kate lit it up on the hills. Enjoyed the roasted red pepper soup at Java Jamboree so much I had two. Trails out to Big Hill Springs park were great, only issue was some cows thought we were chasing them - instead they could have stood in one spot, expending no energy, and let us pass. Nice ride back into town.

I'm putting on my fenders for tomorrow - they should have been on my now, but better late than never.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Canadian Cyclocross National Championships

Mical Dyck – congrats!  You knew you could do it for so many years, now it’s finally yours!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Winter Singletrack riding championships

Kate and I did about 3h of west end of town singletrack slaying despite the cooler temps (-15 at start). We were both warm. For me, the 1x9 Lynskey is working as good as I could ask for... which isn't quite good enough to keep up with Kate on that singletrack under the Stoney bridge. Off camber, snowy roots pose no problems apparently.

After that we lapped up the Tuscany ravine, which undoubtedly will be easy to access after the overpass is built, but for right now getting there is a disaster.

Bowmont trails by the river on way back, with accolades from the dog walkers for being out.

I'm amazed at how comfortable and mobile activity can be with modern clothes. I'm all over recommending these Pearl Izumi amfib tights, they're perfect on their own down to say a few degrees below. For today, I wore them with Icebreaker GT cycling knickers and calf height ski socks. Perfect, warm. Couple Icebreaker layers on top and a windproof jacket, snowboard helmet, and my cooler duty boots (Lake brand). Wasn't cold at all, until getting in the car I left at a friend's house yesterday when your whole body cools down.