Thursday, 3 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 5 - Sechelt to Langdale - Highway 102!

Little cooler this morning, few clouds in the sky. I woke up without leg soreness. Was cautiously optimistic. We saw on overall results that Cindy had moved up several spots in GC which excited her. 

Warmup felt good. Legs felt comfortable. I sat in group until the gravel put climb and just went forward up that steep pitch without really thinking about it. The cautious optimism turned out to be valid. I credit it mostly to the Frank's Red Hot sauce available for the first time last night!

Once out of town, we were in non stop single track climbing. Amazing. I knew I was having a respectable day when 2h in I was ahead of Brian Cooke. He said he was pacing afte a hard day yesterday but I'll take what I can get. He cracked me on the gravel road after aid 2, and I didn't see any other riders until the finish. 

Highway 102 was as buff and as fun as ever. Then we exited to some new cut trail which I'll refer to as Sneddon Special Chunder. Acute angles, soft moss, up and over logs and roots. Full body riding that takes effort to flow. I like that stuff. 

Hard to beat days like that on a bike. 

Jon, Cindy and Shawn had solid rides and Chambers had an incident that led to a few more scrapes!

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