Tuesday, 1 July 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 3 - Powell River steals our hearts

We're doing more evening commuting this year to facilitate that first day on the shore. We arrived at Powell River as the 9:30pm sun was low over the ocean. People were lining the dock to see us in. Drums were playing. Bagpipes were playing. As we walked along Main Street to camp old ladies had bowls of sliced water melon to hand out. I think it's slow here so people like to see this stuff, but beyond that there's a community spirit I just don't see and feel elsewhere. It's really amazing. The world I function in daily doesn't take time for things like that much.  It's too bad. 

Beauty trails and beauty day. Everyone has smiles on. Jon rode and finished. Shawn was fast. Cindy rode happy. 

Powell River is such an awesome place to ride. Here's temporary home. 

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