Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mongolian nights

There's something very therapeutic and right about all this - this is how we're supposed to live. Went to bed with the sunset. Sleeping here is silent, more so than when we pre-rode over the hill.  If you aren't talking, there's no wind and no noise.  It makes you realize how noisy life is. The silence is so vast and penetrating, it's really hard to remember the last time I felt it like that. The air at night is cool and fresh. 

Humorous evening. Jack went out to brush his teeth and says "this toothpaste they gave us just keeps foaming and foaming, weird stuff".  Me: "they gave you toothpaste?  I only had shampoo in my little kit." Hmm... wait a second. 

We're going to bed, and I ask the guys in the ger - your mattresses are pretty firm eh?  Yeah, yeah, they're firm. Ok so I won't make a deal of it. Morning rolls around, we inquire how each others sleeps were. I say fine, but my bed sure is firm. Jack comes over and pokes my bed, then looks at me, then knocks on it.  Sounded like a door. I had a sheet over a piece of plywood. Right. 

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