Monday, 16 September 2013


Well, yesterday afternoon I had a couple robax platinum, walked Cindy through changing/fully housing her derailleur cable, went for late lunch in Inglewood, and dropped by Shawn's for some bike talk and measuring (and to talk about his dislocated ankle). 

After a painful sleep, Cindy helped me get ready for work. After about 3 hours I walked over to the Sheldon Chumir. Check in fine. Second check in counter was odd, lady went to wrong web site to get family doctor name despite telling her right one plus his name. Whatever. 

X ray nurse was nice, but in pursuit of perfect angles of X-rays wanted me to bend in the most painful ways possible. After I lied down on the floor, she asked what I was doing. I said two minutes ago that it hurt so much I was pushing ability to stay conscious, and I wanted to lie down so I didn't pass out and fall on my arm... so here I was doing what I said. Seemed more of an X-ray jockey than getting the whole picture. Oh well. 

Top of my ulna is broken by my elbow. I have pain medication but no cast as its one piece still just cleaved off like when you chop wood but it doesn't split off to side. Said I should make efforts to move it in like ten days or whatever, but for now it's too painful to move as all the soft tissue is messed too. 

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