Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge closing ceremony

This whole thing blew my mind. Talk about fun. The dining hall is floor seating. Beer, rice, soup, and every group plate to middle of table with various languages going on spurred "what animal is this?" question. 

We listened to the amazing horse instrument thing that's like a 2 string violin and a throat singer. Mongolians are proud of their horsemanship, rightfully so as the conquered a good chunk of the world with those skills. 

Here's the amazing contortionist - I'm glad my seat was 2 feet away for all this, amazing. 

What closing ceremony is complete without a lounge singer?

Here are the podium girls for the finisher ceremonies. Every finisher was called up, some people were very emotional having completed it. 

After all that and podiums for the categories, we finished with a Mongolian version of burning man with sing alongs. 

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