Sunday, 22 September 2013

Arm update 3

I don't actually have much of an update on Sunday vs. Friday in terms of progress, more just reflection. This is deep off season... doing nothing!

I'm tired.  I didn't leave the house Saturday other than going to FirstEnergy's gala.  Sunday I woke up at my normal time, but then just slept in.  Had breakfast with Cindy, then couldn't find the desire to do anything other than go back upstairs for a nap.  I see the sun outside and it looks beauty out, but it doesn't register enough to go outside which is unusual for me.

We're house sitting a cat that got dropped off at like 3, Cindy's sister asked what time it was, and 3pm isn't a normal time of the day that I look at a watch and have done absolutely nothing.

On the positive side, I'm reading web from various sports experiences of breaks.  I can't express how glad I am better than one of the worlds first double platinum super groups.  On a side note, we always are listening to music at home, which is great.  The violinist in Florence, the Mongolian horse head violinists, Jan Arden last night, remind me just how much fidelity is absent in digitized music.  Live music is such a deep luxury on the ears and mind, it just penetrates so much deeper into how one thinks, I wish I could be exposed to more up close hi fi performances.
Ok, so in addition to the first "I'm glads" post crash, I'm glad I'm not in the soccer crowd with a longer healing leg break.  I'm glad I wasn't hit by a car and have resent and hate and stress besides just healing.  I'm glad I'm not one of the guys on singletrack forums discussing how long and painful the recovery/off bike time is for humerous breaks.  I'm glad for a forearm break I didn't actually crack across my ulna, or the classic both ulna and radius.

Everyone says the soft tissue recovery is a longer time.  In conversation when I mention I've broken an arm, people say they'll try not to bump me.  I'm entirely bump-able.  I haven't come across any bump, arm rest, etc. that actually hurts.  It's just twisting really, shaking hands, opening doors, opening lids, and thus far holding handlebars and supporting weight doesn't seem appealing/feasible.

I wish I had energy to spin a bit on a trainer perhaps, this hip tissue thing isn't going away very fast, and I wish I could have pumped a few hours of real exercise blood flow past/through it so far, but that's not yet been the case.

It is a bit fitting that there's a new house guest.  This approximates my recent activity level.

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  1. oh wow. you must be so excited to have a cat (at least for a while!).