Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge day 6

165km stage that everyone says actually measured a bit over 170km. We saw camels, deer, wild horses, horse skeleton, vultures, and good god I've said it before but this country is so big with not much out there. Endless grassy hills. Rode about 120k with lead group; I had legs to stay in - even got a thanks from Cory for pulling to close a gap when it opened, we jokes how few and far between me pulling him will ever be in out riding careers. 

Last 50k with Catherine was lovely/hard - I've never seen such a small body put out so much power. Not only does she climb well, but on like 2 degree decline sections into a headwind she had me redlined, and that's something I'm usually more comfortable at. Holy. We crossed the line together, they gave us ladies first 11th for Catherine and then 12th for me. 

It was carnage out there over that distance and the last hot climbs, people were coming in for hours. We came in from them thar hills. 

Jack said he had his toughest day ever on a bike, he's been sick. Thats rough, we're rooming together and I feel for him. Few people going down randomly each couple of days. How sick?  Jack just took a cipro, went out to do something, and when he came back he was looking for another muttering "what a rip off that was" has he just hurled that one up with soup he got down at dinner. 

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