Sunday, 22 September 2013

FirstEnergy turns 20

We had our 20th anniversary gala last night, and gala it was.  Cindy and I did our best to beautify ourselves, then headed out to mix and mingle, although my ability shake hands is pretty impeded.

The plan was to turn the Telus Convention Center into nothing its ever looked like before, and it worked.  Reception area, dining area, then transformation of reception to nightclub.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Alberta Ballet, and Cirque provided lovely performances.  Speeches were designed to, and executed on, being pretty short, which worked well.

Mayor Nenshi and Allison Redford spoke, Danielle Smith as leader of the opposition was there and had a video address.  Rex Murphy provided the most articulate, humorous, and positively political talk of the night in a way only he can do.

John announced our 10 charitable recipients, one of which was key to Jann Arden's life, so she played for the crowd.  Beautiful voice.

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