Sunday, 15 September 2013

K Country

After 800km of safe riding in Mongolia plus many years before that, time for an oops. I'm out with Cindy and Craig and Kate today. We're linking up some K Country trails, and are coasting reasonably fast down a paved road in a campground after entering it from some trail in the mountains. I'm looking at Cindy's bike while coasting as she's describing a small mechanical issue that I'm trying to witness to then help with. She then yells 'Bakke' as Kate in front of me had slowed and turned left. I look forward, hit the brakes, collide with Kate, and her turning left essentially pulls my bike out to the left from under me. I fly and hit my hand, elbow, shoulder, head and right hip down pretty hard. What was not far off a concussion, broken collar bone and dislocation seems to with luck be a road rash palm, sprained elbow as I can't bend it much or rotate the two forearm bones, and a pretty good bruised hip. Bummer, especially the standard road crash when mountain biking with experienced riders. Front bike Kate is fine like nothing happened which is usually how bike stuff happens. Good reminder of that key technique of watching where you're going.  Cindy had sanitary wipes in her safety kit; and her and Craig went back for the car as I can't support weight with that elbow. Head is fine, just elbow pain and hip pain made me light headed at first, not the end smash. We debated but then elected to take two cars this morning which is good, Craig a d Kate still get some riding in.  Elbow is only concerning part, hip is just a mass of sore flesh, hand is pretty good - Cindy's sanitary wipes in the first aid kit really helped. Elbow hurts and doesn't want to bend, wrist can't rotate, twisting open jars a bad idea. So much for the corporate golf day tomorrow. 

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