Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Arm update 4

This week's developments... Jon Nutbrown shared these rather raw pictures.  This and Shawn's leg seem to indicate the bike gang is running through its luck rather fast these days.  Lesson: careful with box cutters.

My friend Darren has been getting cortisone injections in his back so hopefully he can sleep, not have to stand at desk and meetings, and be out of pain.  Shawn's toes are blue bruised still.
Hmm... facts would indicate we're getting older and or more accident prone.
I had 300 ml of fluid drained from my hip from my mangled then "over inflated" (yes, see how much doctor potential I display in my vocabulary?) bursa.  300 ml is like most of a can of pop.  It then was injected with anti inflammatory and steroid in much smaller quantity.  I was frozen, so it didn't hurt except when he went deeper.  I wasn't a fan of the two saying "I don't think I'm deep enough" "would you like a longer needle" kind of chat while I'm at least attempting to tune out.

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