Friday, 27 September 2013

Arm update 5

So I expected to see change. But not in this direction. Photos are chronological and 12 days apart. Also I heard wrong or mislabeled it in my own mind when I left first time - it's radial head not ulnar head. 



They say it's gone from 0.8mm crack to 3.1mm, and to my eye the bottom is hanging on by a thread. Shoot. 

I started worrying about the weekend when I asked the lady if I step over to the Good Earth to get some food while I waited for further review, and she said I shouldn't be eating if I went to surgery right away.  That wasn't compatible with Shawn picking me up for the airport at 2... so we had a little chat that included the concept of not rushing the diagnosis at all, it's not one of these decisions you wanted to make rashly on a Friday afternoon really, was way better to ponder for the weekend and render decision on Monday. 

Phew - it's airport time with the gang!

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