Saturday, 1 June 2013

Deadgoat Summer Solstice

All the club efforts this week paid off today with a great event. Talk about a great day to be out riding... nice temps, mosquitoes seem to be hibernating, not to muddy, just tacky. Lots of people out and a great course.

The usual awesome riders rode awesome. Thomas Yip made his bb on his single speed sing (or scream if you were folllowing him), Shawn put down the power, Devin came out of retirement for an awesome result. Pat looked tough once his kit picked up an extra amount of trail on some event I didn't witness. Mark McConnell started un-wheezing after the asthama attack subsided, which was good. Shawna Donaldson and I, due to drop outs, manned a corner and cheered. Or when Kate came by we chatted, as she doesn't appear frazzled or out of breath at all.

Cindy did good till her quick release let her rear wheel out, and gears didn't work so hot. Apres race I pretended I was a mechanic and re set her hi/lo stops and cable tension as it was done lazy style from the shop with the barrel adjuster being relied on for all the initial adjustment.

I rode a half a lap. Chain starting skipping after a downhill which I didn't understand, it was fine on first climb. I shifted to ok gears, did a bunch more, then had the issue on steep climbs. I got passed when mucking around trying to see it. Pressed on. Pulled off to really check again.

Bunch of rear cogs bent. 3 identified by screws aiming at them in the photo. The worst is actually the 4 o'clock one as it's bent way in, making the second gear not work.  Plus one of those was bent so I couldn't use easiest three. I tried to bend them straight enough with a stick. By the time I figured it all out, I was way off and dejected. Hence the cheering section.

Upside was I had planned to put on a new drivetrain after the Giver8er, so I had stuff at home. When I had hoped to relax, I put on a cassette, chain, chainrings, removed and cleaned/tightened both crankarms, and discovered a siezed derailleur jockey wheel so found a donor one from another derailleur to get me through tomorrow. Also lubed cables and tuned a bit. So hopefully tomorrow better. Loc tite is drying and everything is lubed.

Maintenance is a constant game with privateer racing. I budget for it, and keep parts around. It's just hard to chuck stuff before it fails cause "worn" stuff always has the capacity to get in one more day. Oops.

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