Friday, 31 May 2013

Wheels for Wells arrives in Calgary

Cindy and I drove out after a hectic Friday to see Kelley, Gavan, Story, Jon, and also bumped into Kelley's dad doing well wishing on the road.

We saw Jon near Dead Man's Flats, turned around at the gas station there, and waited at the abandoned go-kart place on the reserve.  We popped the trunk, and had dry clothes, jackets, an assortment of snacks and a clip on fender laid out for his arrival.  A Snickers and the clip on fender were the two items of most interest.  I clipped on the fender, he made the chocolate bar disappear, and after a small bit of chatter he was off.

Sounds like most of trip was rain.  Bike was absolutely covered in road grit.  We hustled back to sign in for the weekend's races and got news of Jon's arrival at city limits at 8:30.  His estimate when we left him was Calgary would mean a 400km day today for hime - 3:45am to 8:30pm from Revelstoke to Calgary!

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