Sunday, 2 June 2013

Deadgoat Giver8er

We woke to pouring rain, but by the time we got out to COP, it was dry. First 3 laps were dry, reasonably quick, then the rains came. 4th was a bit greasy but fun. Raining, wet, I was at a good temperature and like the slippery riding. The 5th was extremely difficult, bike started to really gum up and not work well, but we spent some time cleaning it in the pit, which was marvelous. The 6th was not bad as it was more runny from the downpour, I put on a rain coat and was fine. We came in for the 7th, and were told we had 46 minutes to do a lap as the race had been shortened for weather. That was around our average lap pace. Geoff Clark and I went out for one more lap, hammered it out as best we could, but it was a tough one to even stay mounted. So we missed the final lap cutoff by a minute, which was a hearbreaker. That lap was so little coasting, so much sliding, running hills, gummed up wheels, but full gas effort being the last one. Hardest conditions, let alone how hard we pushed. Clocking that last one would have got me a 2nd and first prize I've had in years, but oh well. 4th it is (funny how lap race enduro's can change so much based on that).

This weekend has been a great test of my new pressure washer that I impulse bought at Wal-mart a few weeks ago. For $275 this thing is a dirt annihilater. One spray of my red specialized insoles and they were this bright cherry red they haven't been in years. I have to be careful around bearings, I aim for more oblique shots there vs. perpendicular. It's fun, turn the nozzle for soap, blast rinse, and makes cleaning less of a chore. When we got home at 3:30 we figured if we both started organizing and cleaning hardcore we could be clean and relaxing by 4:30, but it's actually 5. That's 90 minutes of cleaning for 5.5h of riding.

It's days like this that make me wish I had a single speed still set up.

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