Saturday, 29 June 2013

BC Bike Race Day 0

Ryan Leach - you're awesome - I've had the chance to see you ride in person twice now, and am ultimately impressed every time.

They did a "everybody stand up" then sit down if this is your first BCBR. 90% sat down. Two - only like 6 standing. 6th? Two people. Interesting how it's drawing a fresh audience. That's a lot of new people experiencing BC mountain biking.

BCBR guys - your intro videos are great for people who are new to this - clear as can be.

It's so relaxing. Commute out to race start. Park sitting. Chatting. Watching people who have mad skills at frisbee, which to me is a bit symbolic of not being too stressed in life (I don't seem to find enough free time to do frisbee with beer in hand sessions enough to hone my skills). Honestly I've never seen frisbee done that well. Like, if you can turn your back when the frisbee is nearing you, do the little Michael Jackson dance step since MJ is on the boom box, and catch it no look behind you, you've gotta be in an office less than me.

It's weather like this that really reminds you how the west coast is one of the nicest places on earth.

The Calgary corporate crowd are out, Pat and Trish, had a nice conversation with Drew Brag. Haven't seen Timmy from New Jersey in ages, he's here. Scott from TransAndes, as well as the Gypsy Wagon guys are doing Mongolia. Australian Claire.

I'm excited for tomorrow. Great weather, great trails. Just no spinning yet as bikes are on truck, oh well.

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