Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tour Divide time!

Craig is off again tomorrow, with a great preamble here from the Calgary Herald.  Here's the CBC morning talkshow interview.

Off on what you say?  The Tour Divide.  It's a bike race from Banff to Mexico, along the continental divide, that's longer than the Tour de France, on mountain bikes and gravel roads, without team cars or massages or hotels every night or fast wheel changes or chef prepared dinners... in less time. It's like the hardcore stuff of legends, like when you see those turn of century Tour de France photos.

Here's the links I use to track the race, as information isn't spoon fed to us like NFL Sunday.  To me, that's what adds to its romance.  Maybe these help others follow it more easily:

- Track progress via the "top right" leaderboard link on the Tour Divide site, or leaderboard direct link here, or specifically Craig's position here.  Race "flow" or a bit of a pace graph here, which I use to look at differing paces of riders to gauge if they're in contact especially when the spot trackers are on different position confirmation times.
- Here's a link to the western US weather site, which can be zoomed to provide quite up to date regional detail, as well as northwest and southwest radar imagery.
- Vectorized US wind map here - neat, and might give a feel for what riders face.
- forum re: Pre-Tour Divide '13 is here, Race Tracking Tour Divide '13 forum here.
- Recorded message call ins from riders here.

Tune in and enjoy.  Why? 
- A hometown hero is better than TV any day. 
- There's a positive rate of energy transfer from eyeballs on the blue dot to the rider... really. 
- You're probably going about your next couple weeks as you've done with many hundreds of weeks prior, not quite being able to pull the plug and engage in epic adventures yourself (err, myself).  But through modern technology, we've never been able to live vicariously with such ease!

Craig you're a living legend with a fire in your belly that sitting on the couch doesn't quench.  Good luck!

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