Saturday, 8 June 2013

Iron Maiden XC

Beautiful day in Canmore for racing - great trails, nice temperatures, dry trails.

Few spots on the trails had options for harder or easier lines. I love that kind of thing.

The start was straight up hill, which I tried to survive. My plan was to use all the optional lines to minimize time loss. But that's a bit false as every elite uses all of them. Shoot. Plan B was to use little brakes everywhere else, including all the jumps on soft yogurt. That part worked. In the grand scheme, I had a good day, no bike issues and didn't leave anything on the table. Only issue was first lap I had an off the bike screw up behind a few other guys then had to run up a hill. What I didn't need was a 10 second "penalty" and a heart rate spike on the first lap...

Anyway, that gave me a fun time on all the tech sections to make back seconds. I try. But it's hard to pull my weight up the hills. So I plug along, eventually reel in a couple guys, pass one but the other uses second wind and takes off. So I was last, but not last. Last DNF'd, but I don't know if he threw in the towel after old me passed, or if a mechanical cropped up. I'm happy with today, and I'm a value player in the ABA - I get the most on course time for my fees!  I had a good time up the final lap stadium climb chuckling at all the deadgoats who cheered, and commandeered the announcers mic, to urge me to "just try harder".  Classic.

Bunnin2 had good days (little B's birthday, big B in 2nd overall).

Cindy had a great day except for a chain shift into spokes, which she pulled out. But she won smile award, and had a good race overall.

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