Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday evening Craig and Mike photos just north of Colombia Falls, Montana

Original post here.

I've copied the photos and post here as I'm not sure that the pictures show up for people unregistered on the bike packing forums:

From user threepin, 5:32 Calgary time Saturday:

Craig passed my driveway at 4:20 pm today, Mr Hall at 5:00 pm
Craig said he was feeling "ok", Mike said he was having problems w/the dust- it rained yesterday so the dust should not have been too bad. What a difference  a year makes, last year they came by early afternoon Sunday in a drizzle in the high 30's, this year mostly sunny and 75.

Erik: my take is the both look good.  Mike looks happy.  Craig looks like he's got his game face on, bulging quads, and a front wheel blurred in the photo.  Awesome!

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