Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Craig in Butte Montana at The Outdoorsman bike shop

In the spirit of the Tour Divide, I picked up the phone yesterday for a complete cold call into The Outdoorsman in Butte when Craig appeared to be just a few hours away up in the mountains.  A very nice individual picked up the phone, whose name I only learned later on email was Kelley Mattingly.  I started a brief explanation that could have been interpreted as "Canadian stalker", but was quickly understood as club mate, friend, and superfan of Craig Stappler.  I mentioned that I thought he'd be in within a half day to the shop, and what does an awesome bike shop on the Tour Divide route say to that?  "We think he'll be in sooner, we've been watching his dot all morning."  Awesome.  Sometimes what makes the world great is people who give a sh-t for just a couple minutes.

After that exchange, I relayed my reason for the call.  I know Craig can't accept incoming calls, free support, or that type of thing, so I simply requested "can you take like a cell phone picture of Craig and just peck out a line or two of what your conversation is with him so the club, his friends, his family at home get another tidbit datapoint of how he's doing?".  Sure they could!

And last but not least - what was the in person quote that Kelley provided along with the video: "Craig wasn't around for long so I didn't get to shoot much. The man is superhuman!!!"

Here's the result.  Thanks so much Kelley and the Outdoorsman!

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