Thursday, 20 June 2013

Calgary Floods

We're outside both the City's afternoon double notice on areas of evacuation, and the third one posted around dinner. 5th street is actually the border to one. They're building a berm by Safeway (it'd actually be a win if that old thing was damaged enough to justify rebuilding), and 6th street is part of the lower lying 100 year flood plain. Regardless, we spent 20 mins moving things - elevator makes it easy - that we wouldn't want to go months until replacements could be arranged. Di2 bikes and floods don't seem like they'd mix well, a pressure washer we figured would be handy for cleanup if it did flood, sleeping bag for BC Bike Race, the basics. Makes it easy to clean the garage floor tomorrow which we should have done anyway soon.

4th street is higher yet, so we retreated to the safety of Anejo for armageddon dinner.

Highlight was a bunch of hipsters in their requisite skinny jeans going for beers wearing life vests.

Elbow Drive berm at about 4pm.

Elbow Drive berm at about 8pm.  Just after this they started covering it with plastic.  Really efficient flow of dump trucks lined up - they're really going at this hard.  Kudos to the city.
4th Street Bridge at 8pm.  Up notably since our 4pm stroll.
We're on the border of the evacuation area.  Still, we spent 20 minutes moving cars, bikes, other things are out of the garage.  

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  1. Very nice lineup in the living room.

    To note, your di2 would have no problem with the water.

    Glad to hear you are staying dry.