Sunday, 9 June 2013

Organ Grinder

Well, we sort of tried. Not as much as Devin, who posted the big ol' W! Awesome for him.

It started raining about half way through the first lap. First half of first lap was my warm up, I felt faster on second half and more alive. Roots got slick, sort of fun/challenging.

Half way into lap 2, I caught a guy on a wide ski trail before some single track. He was coasting and drinking from camel back. I was cruising along, called that I'd just go around on left to drop into single track. He sped up last second to get in, leaving me to head for the bushes. Really?

First lap my rear tire was softening a bit, now my front tire was joining. After burping some front air on a descent, I topped them both up with a CO2. My chain was coming off my lower derailleur pulley wheel and rubbing the cage and sort of catching - first 1.5 laps I monkeyed with it 3x. I'd put it back on, but was envisioning a wrapped around ruined derailleur the way it was periodically catching. The two tires and the derailleur thing were about as positive as the intensifying rain. I cut the half lap to go to pit, used the pump, looked at derailleur, got cold and soaked in the rain, and realized that was it for my day.

Cindy helped her friend fix a flat on the first lap, and also decided this type of weather isn't her cup of tea.

When we left, it was raining, and the car thermometer said 8.5C. Sometimes I thive in that. Sometimes I hope summer is just around the corner. When the sun came out it did perk up pretty quick to palatable temps.

I'm lamenting the last few weeks of racing, I'm higher on the excuses list than I'd prefer to be. I've replaced a full drivetrain, maybe I should do that more in advance. Maybe I shouldn't overlook pulley wheels too. Maybe I should just man up. Ugh.

Long season left with 3 more stage races.

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