Saturday, 27 December 2014

Ywar Ngan

Dinner was at a restauranteur and farmers operation.  I think he does well as he had diplomas on the wall of all his kids going to english classes.  Sunset on way to dinner. 

The hundred mile diet is redundant here. They can't effectively move produce further than that. But the area we're in is so fertile. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, potatoes, water melons, rice, you name it.  That's a hearty soup. 

This spread is below $3 before my drink. 

Erik tries a local beverage. Cost? $1 for foreigners (for the bottle). 

Needed mixer.  After a confusing translation effort, this is carbonated water. 

Locals were drinking this. 

So after reading the label, this is not what I expected.  It is fermented black rice. They sort of call anything fermented beer. I can't imaging that is the natural color, but who knows. It tastes like candy but it smells like dead animal. I had this bit that was poured for me and that's all. 

We did a homestay tonight in a small village. We stayed with "Auntie San" in her two bedroom house. Basic, but quite nice as the world goes. 

Kitchen was well equipped. 

Flashes always look harsh. This bathroom was nice. The hose on the side fills the toilet tank. 

Shower was neat. Red plastic bucket has a heating element glued in bottom that you plug into wall and come back 15 mins later. Bucket is hot. Blue one on ground is cold. You use the scoop bucket in proportion of your choosing to get temperature right. Rice paddy squat is the best way to conduct all this. 

Sleeping was actually really comfy. The bed was a firm floor underlay style foam. On that note, every pillow and mattress in Myanmar is firm. I love it. 

Auntie San knew we cycled and was amazed at the distance. She gave me some local tiger balm style ointment. It was so effective Cindy was scared to experiment with its potency.  I gave her a chocolate bar. 

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