Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mt. Popa to Bagan

Today was easy. Net downhill. Hot, good rest day.  

Hotel had a tourist guide that had this image. I bought a copy of the book for a dollar as it had locally drawn cartoons and was funny. 

Leaving hotel. 

Local markets. Lots of fresh produce. 

Back side of Popa. 

Getting more dry. 

We stopped at a place that displayed local industry. This ox goes in circles to grind peanuts into peanut oil. Later in Bagan we had peanut grinder leftover stuff that they soak in water and season with onions and garlic. The tin pot collects oil. 

Palm juice collected from trees. 

Boiled into sugar. 
Mixed with yeast and fermented. 


Rocket fuel strength moonshine. 

Cindy got her makeup done. They grind the tree on a stone with water, no additives. 

We bought sugar and coconut candies and moonshine for a grand total of $3. I think this was both at once a high tourist price and a "so low I can't find interest to debate prices in this range" win-win transaction. 

Ride into Bagan was hot and net downhill. 

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