Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kalaw to Pindaya

Miracle - woke up to tandem here!  Put it together very early. 

We rode out of Kalaw down the main highway, but made quick work of it in that direction. Turned left toward Pindaya at some little town.  Into beautiful farm lands again riding towards mountains. 

Snack break. They fill avocado with lime juice. 

Snack break.  Noodle bowl is so delicious, 30c. Tofu plate is 90c. Spice bowl is soy, lime, chilis and garlic. 

We had lunch along the lake in Pindaya. It was a place only tourists could afford. Meals were like $2. We sat down and we're just getting food and some kids started to chat away behind us. Dad told them to look at menu and pick. I recognized the voice!  It was Will Lacey and family whom have been in Asia for almost a month already. We knew we were going to both be in Myanmar, but wrote off trying to impose the logistics of meeting on our holidays. It happened though!

Pindaya is famous for a cave with thousands of Bhuddas in it. Some Angela his in it when they came to visit, a spider built a web outside, then some chivalrous chap slayed the spider and saved them. 
Cross training. 

Cave pictures never convey a sense of scale, but it was big. Probably 6 large chambers, they say 8,000 Bhuddas, and 100 ft tall in places. 

Exit. Way up on hill was the bonus climb of day. 

We visited a house. 
Pantry and prep. 

Sher root? drying operation - it's not tobacco but it's stuff they smoke. This is a commercial size operation, which is why the house is concrete and they are so well off. 


Drying and electricity = solar x 2. 

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