Thursday, 25 December 2014

Ywar Ngan to Myin Gyan

We departed early for breakfast at a tea shop. Food has been excessive, especially for a guy trying to lose some office chocolates.  Cindy loves the tea with condensed milk. The long things are essentially donuts. The samosas are good, full of fresh onion and potato. This is about 1/3 of what we were fed. The cost is minimal. We had French toast, omelette, more baked goods, 3 teas, coffee, mutton cakes, banana fried pancakes, etc. I try everything as its all "local specialty" and they want to know we like it. It is truly tasty. It's also more than I ate in a 3 days in Nepal. Then I take the rest in a plastic bag and make friends with the local dogs (more on them later) but suffice to say, Bhudda says be kind to animals. 

The riding was beautiful. Rolling hills all morning and into a double mountain pass by break time.

After snack we did a short climb then started descending. I was told be careful and don't hurry as there are trucks. That's all fine and good, but it didn't capture the descent. No photo will either as there's no vantage to see it all. What we descended I only realized after was like the Galibier of Myanmar. It was epic. I want to strava it both up and down in this lifetime. Side note pos GPS not working all trip. But as far as the driver and locals notes go, we descended for 29km of steep paved, gravel and rough whatever goes switchbacks. It took over an hour. Amazing!  What you can barely see in the haze way down below are large desert mountains. It took 40 mins to even feel level with their tops. 

At the bottom of this monster is the country's largest hydroelectric dam. 

We then TT'd for an hour to the stop, laying waste to most vehicles on the consistent 1% down along the river. We bottle showered, found some kittens, and drove across arid areas to our next sleep. 

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