Saturday, 27 December 2014

Random Snacks

Highest glycemic index known to man?  Dried gourd that bleeds white sugar as it dries. 

This is how you make a snack tray. Pickled tea leaves in center. Peanuts. Some beans. Sliced dried ginger. Roasted garlic. Toasted sesame. 

This dish is called "small fish". 

I like this one. Black salty soy paste with onions. 
The one closest to Cindy's plate was tamarind leave salad. That was excellent. Egg curry was good. Chicken, beef, fish, gourds, peas, etc all made appearances. If you didn't like onions, garlic and tomatoes it would be hard to eat here.

I tried this today. Good. 

In the "make do" world, this bottle opener is a bolt in a scooter part.  Like most Asian countries, I'm continually amused that it appears anyone over the age of 8 can disassemble and reassemble a scooter at the side of the road with one wrench and some flip flops on. 

Tomato onion sesame salad. 

I like these beans. Fried broad beans apparently. 

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