Friday, 19 December 2014

Beijing Layover

This was the first time I had flown into Beijing with daylight. Novelty of that was seeing the mountains give way to city in the way in. I did spot two ski areas which was neat, no snow around but very easy to see against the brown mountains as they must make snow there. 

The great Chinese construction boom was more apparent by day. They don't build apartment buildings one at a time. It's a unit of 10 or a dozen here, there, everywhere. So you so see 50 building sites in the way in and that's 500+ buildings that are probably 15+ stories each. 

We were disappointed that the airport lounge didn't have wife cakes, a staple on past trips through, but we did get a good meal.

Lots of space to eat. 

Mm, tasty. 


Bus to plane was literally freezing - could see your breath. 

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