Monday, 22 December 2014

Transfer from Yangon to Heho

It's interesting to contrast notions with first impressions. To be honest, I purposely didn't study much before coming here. Got some basic stats on size, people, economy, religion, then of course what we've had in the news for a decade on politics. 

It feels more open than a "military run" country. So either it's changed fast, or the two word description didn't fit perfectly. 

There's commercial goods of all kinds. There's packs of kids everywhere Doug what kids do - talk half english, half Burmese, dance to music from their phones, take endless group selfies, laugh and post them on Facebook.  They seem to wear whatever they want and outwardly just seem really nice to each other and gregarious.  I can't this far think of a Bhuddist country I've been to where this hasn't been the case. It's comfortable to be around. Other than words and an alphabet that's beautifully scripted but opaque to me they could be kids anywhere in open countries on earth.  

The local dogs don't want to over exert in the heat. 

They have a surprising number of Christmas decorations out. Maybe it's the old British thing going. Maybe it's tourism. But we aren't seen that many foreigners here to keep up with the level of Christmas decorations. 

Cars are compact but clean. Streets are semi crowded but clean. Traffic isn't the mayhem of other places. 

Airport has nice woodwork. 

While waiting I enjoyed an award winning malt beverage. 

We took a domestic flight to Heho. The organization was interesting. Not even locals can hear on the sound system, so they put stickers on everyone then walk through and find you for your flight. It works. 

Then the airplane was decorated for Christmas!

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