Saturday, 27 December 2014

Myin Gyan to Mount Popa

We drove 3 hours to our hotel in Myin Gyan. It was humorously noisy. The reception area had guys cutting rebar with grinders. Our room was on the third floor. Across the street was "Baby World" which nobody should take a baby to unless they're high on recreational stimulants. Baby World had electronic dance music pumping "because it is Christmas" apparently. Our room was positioned to amplify it perfectly. I have a video I'll share later. My feet touched the wall when on the bed, there was a fluorescent light above the bed we could not for the life of us figure out how to turn off, and Baby World was loud. Like our room could be a dance club loud. I can't believe I only have video and no pic. I found night time Advil in my kit and took two after dinner. 

Cindy was tired so tried to pass out. I went to see a dead Bhuddist. 

Had a good dinner at a posh/tacky restaurant. Made tracks outta there in morning for Mt. Popa. 

Beautiful, hot ride. This tower says it is 19C at like 8am. 

Crossed a washout where a bridge was being built. 


Flat and straight. 
Baby bump. 

Shady section. 

So later today it really got hot. Cindy went in the van for a bit which was wise. I've been upping the electrolytes, and despite a black jersey on, just could let it rip when I was solo for the last 20k, 15k of which was on the ascent up the mountain.  Riding a tandem solo is lonely. It is stiff under the weight of only one person.  It is apparent that a Schmidt front hub, Rohloff rear, two belts, and 40 lbs is not the easiest way to climb a volcano. 

We checked into a hotel which was luxurious. Mt. Popa is the thing the monastery is on, not the large extinct volcano mountain, but I never got the name of the big one. 

View from room. 

Mt. Popa. 

Large grasshopper. 

Dee lux. 

This is what Cindy looks like when I told her the massage place only books in 1 hour increments so we "had" to do two hours instead of 90 minutes. 

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