Friday, 19 December 2014

Yangon (Rangoon)

This is only the sneak peak benefitting from out post midnight arrival to 2am head hitting pillow at the hotel. 

It's clean. It's orderly. It looks like the capital is not starved of goods and technology. Or at least those whom can access it. Lots of Japanese brands. But a Porsche SUV passed us too. 

People are skinny. Like there's a few guys around the airport in their purple sarongs whose waists must be closer 20" than 30". Like pencils. They are happy and chatty. The male/female interaction of airport employees, other than being unintelligible to me, looks no different than a bunch of West Jet employees joking around. All smiles and fun. 

Temperature is exactly what would make a Burmese Python happy. Maybe that's why they moved here. It's warm and humid. It's difficult, just a couple days before Christmas, to picture that a shiver would ever occur here. 

National dish, might as not waste time. Mohinga. Rice noodle soup in fish stock with garnishment a like peanuts, cilantro, hot sauce, egg. 

Myanmar tea. Delicious.  Strong, milky, earthy, sweet. 

Lost baggage operation. No computers present. Girls were really nice though. Only thing I really pushed them on was to have someone walk around the luggage back area after they saw a picture of the Evoc bag to see if they could spot it. The girls seemed knowledgeable enough to get that I'd think a tracking system was normal, but sort of smiled and said they don't have that here yet. 

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