Thursday, 26 June 2008

Private Health Care

It hadn't dawned on me prior that I have access to private health care through a corporate relationship. Based on my experience today, it's a fantastic addition to the health care mix. Yes, there are those whose ideal is to wait two hours at a walk-in clinic with kids with runny noses and those who need stitches - and get service for "free". But there are also those who don't see free in that scenario, those who like the axiom that "time is money".

If you can sell a service for any price, where the alternative is endless waiting, investment bankers are target market number one. I called in at 4:45 saying the same plaugue that's been in the throats of my co-workers is in me, based on my qualified degree in close-ology, but I'd love to supplement that with a professional opinion. By 5:10 I've walked to their building and have lights being shone in my throat and ears. Doctor says the look red and inflamed and uncomfortable. Yes I'm doing a bike race soon. Correct, I'm the kind of guy who wouldn't have bothered coming if it weren't for the race, I would have just lived with it. I'll take all the pills, yes I promise, that's the kind of guy I am.

Meanwhile I've just saved a spot at the walk-in for the kid needing stitches, and at my "family doctor" who could book me in 10 days from now.

BankingBakke believes there's a role for capitalism in the world.

Concept to execution, under 40 minutes, my desk to pharmacy. Sweet.

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