Sunday, 22 June 2008

Deadgoat Summer Solstice Race

It seemed like the theme of the day was attrition, even with a fair weather race.
I self selected at the road crossing on first lap. My body was telling me during pre-ride yesterday to take it easy, which I did. Couldn't however manage a restful sleep last night, the headache and craving for water and feeling hot was a bit of a tip off to being not 100%. Body was working hard for not much speed on the course, just didn't feel right. Figured I didn't need to get sick this week if I can still avoid it.

Craig's hub wasn't ready to face the day, Jon's derailleur didn't make it, Andre Sutton and Dallas had flats, Dwayne Ellis wasn't feeling hot, etc.

Devin had a good looking performance, as did Jon until the mechanical.

Tori liked the course for her lap and had a fun hanging out all day.

I need some rest tonight, especially considering I've got a 5:45am conference call to lead. Looks like it's going to be another one of those weeks.


  1. but the HotDogs were scrumptous...and followed by a nice cold COKE...
    gourmet dude.

  2. Where are the results?

    Charlie and I got our upgrades to Expert last week so we will be ripping it up all together at the next race, which will be July 5!! We plan on doing the Nordegg Marathon after that... are you?