Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Back Muscles, Bonus Day

My back muscles aren't as bad as they were yesterday and the day before, which is an improvement. I'm going to assume that everything's going to work out peachy.

It's been a tough week. I was in at 5am on Monday, and by the time I leave today (Wednesday), my tally is an hour short of 50 hours thus far.

Someone asked me today, what mountain bike race is like my job? I thought for a minute and responded with La Ruta. It's no walk in the park. That analogy works both ways. My job is to the finance world something along the lines of what La Ruta is to the bike world. Maybe not 100% accurate, but both on the harder end of the spectrum.

Why oh why? Is it all worth it? This depends on one's tolerance for walking a line near work induced insanity, and definition of "worth" of course. Questions without answers. I guess I keep coming back for more, so there's at least one answer.

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