Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Biking, more biking

I'm feeling somewhat over the pain of Sunday.  And interestingly enough, not filtering my feelings too much on the blog has had some interesting responses.
First - PND - I agree with your comments.  I also vaguely recall some encounter we had on the trail about you fixing a bridge.  I think my response was a) either only said to myself in my head, or b) not said loud enough for you to here.  That was during "spacey" time... just want to let you know I wasn't ignoring you or being a dink!
Devin, Craiger - I agree, the season is long, and it will be good.  I like riding hard, and with you two (and others) around, riding hard is the name of the game.  It's gonna be a good TR.
What's the C4 race?


  1. The Crankmasters have a great series on right now. It is a Wed. night race series. It alternates between TTs and RRs every week. It is $35 for the entire thing... totally can't beat that.

    Here is the link. I have been busy up until now, but have been encouraging my club to go and support. I will be attending as many as possible now.

  2. In Victoria, there was a Wed. night race series, and it was totally awesome. And since the races weren't super long it drew all the awesome racers there. I learned to race my bike against dudes like Nik Rowe, Darin Vogler, and Andrew Pinfold, to name a few. All guys that would crush everyone here. I hope these races take off and take the level of cycling to another place in Calgary.

  3. I might have to check out this C4 goodness. Between the Tuesday night crit and this, midweeks are looking great.

  4. If you go, it will start drawing others, which is great. Since you are one of the best in the province, others love the opportunity to race you. This is why the Victoria series was so rad. Guys like you would show up, and tons of guys like me would go just to say we raced guys like you !!

    Remember, you need to bring the $35 to enter the series though. Then it is all racing!!

    My babysitter is sick tonight, so I am missing tonight, but I will try to make the rest of them.


  5. I'm gonna try to get out to a few of these too, they sound fun.

    What I really need is to get my ratio of "trying" to "actually making it" higher for midweek rides.