Sunday, 29 June 2008

BC Bike Race day 2

Hot, dusty day, mostly on gravel road since they couldn't get access to some land. Felt strong for the first while, then Jon led out some bridge-ups to groups ahead of us that burned me out. Managed to eat and drink somewhat sufficiently for the heat, but it's hard when I haven't had much heat this year. I felt like a goose being prepped for foie gras stuffing food in me, man it's hard to choke it down when working/in the heat. It's funny this qualifies as vacation. Talked to Tom Ebbern on the massage tables for a while - it does qualify because there's not a single way to think about work here. Felt human after the race, and through the evening, which I'm taking as a good sign.

Food has been fantastic so far. Organization seems very good. Massage tent and team are phenomenal.

Deadgoats all doing well, seeing lots of friends from other races here too. It's one big family really.

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