Sunday, 27 January 2013


Putting yourself back together after a 5h ride isn't easy, but I recovered somewhat respectably. I didn't have Cindy's added effort of indoor soccer later Saturday night which wiped her out completely. I made a big breakfast for us, then got dressed up for a closer meeting spot at Kawa... Craig and Kate were there, and the Spanish barista took an interest in discussing riding - turns out he's from Spain, and was intrigued that we were headed there in a month. Kate had new windproof pants and was ready to go.

Then Shawn showed up, followed by Jon. Jay dropped in for coffee on the way to work, and shared his shoulder assessment... then we spotted a man in all black riding by, then looping back after spotting the coffee shop. Pat Dodge!

Suffice to say, once we got rolling, this was the fastest ride I've been on this year...

Did as many hills as we could before Priddis, of which I spectated fast hill riding on all of them from the back bench.

Priddis always delivers great mid ride food - then it was Shawn and I taking the direct route home so I could get to the post office before it closed. After riding yesterday I worked on bikes for 3h, and stripped down the Strong to go back for a few tweaks, including disc brake tabs. Exciting!

That's a tiring two days. We rode home at "reasonable" instead of fast pace - but today was still hard.

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