Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bakke's Blends: Shakes and smoothies

This is time saving part 2. A blender. We had one that came apart in 7 pieces to clean, this one is sealed and cleans easy, therefore it's more usable. And I admit this shows the limits of my culinary skill (or time devoted to such things). But cyclonic smashing is fun!

Spud brings me non processed foods. This blender contains a kiwi, an apple, a banana (only the banana needs peeling) some kale, a chunk of ginger, some drinks, a couple little tomatoes, some peanut butter, hemp heart seeds, plus a couple of my secret flavour ingredients. That takes two minutes. The ginger is really a key one for a nice flavour that lifts it out of the "blah" zone. I just top up water through the hole in the lid to get a sensible consistency.

My other staples are Red River, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, peanut butter, almond butter, tahini, yogurt, oranges, pomegranates, carrots, a few bike potions, chunks of chocolate, green tea, broccoli, coffee grounds, and once some Kahlua snuck its way in.

On my to-do list are celery, garlic, onion, colored peppers, "mexican" flavoured ones that are taco flavoured/inspired.

Cindy asserts that in no way does she feel nutritionally deficient after consuming one of these concoctions, however she also advises that not all natural flavour combos are blender-able and has warned me off my "wine and cheese in one" idea. Beer and wings might be too fizzy.

There's no need to peel stuff when there's 1500 Watts of cyclic power. A minute later I can have all the servings of fruits and vegetables I need. Bam! I've been advised not to forgo chewing all together though.

And 30 seconds later that jar is clean and ready for a reload. Amazing!

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