Tuesday, 29 January 2013

BBC - happy place

Despite a night on a plane, we did a decent gym effort this morning (I even made a treadmill display "maximum duration reached"), a good client lunch, and a solid 3h office session with a client this afternoon, followed by dinner with them. We couldn't resist this when we walked home either - there's something about the vibe of the BBC that's just right. Their beer is great. The crowd is a mix of suits and ties, or ties that were loosened 5 beers ago, to lesbians rubbing each others ears, to a bunch of people really getting the most out of iPhone cameras with their friends. Its unpretentious, relaxed, nice music and fun. It's a happy place that's always worked for me.

I think I'm now in Houston Friday at a board meeting, fresh off another redeye, instead of going home. That's good, in a painful way!

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