Sunday, 27 January 2013

Blacksheep v2.0, awesome Saturday ride with friends

It's hard to beat a Saturday morning Cadence Coffee rendevouz. Cindy, Andrea, Shawn and I rode together to meet Kate, Craig, Cesar, Sam and Jay. Cool start to the day, but we had reason to believe it was going to warm up. Tuscany Ravine was primo, the roads out to Cochrane were great, and as usual, the soup stop was second to none. We split groups and went back "fast" and "long" ways home, but in the end Cindy and I got home 10 minutes apart, both with stories.

We headed west, perhaps onto lands with differing legal rights based on who lived their first. At our furthest spot from home, a chain reaction occurred that led to one shoulder dislocation and one bloody leg. Fortunately it went back in within a minute and was "rideable", and the leg scratches were manageable. Jay and Kate would both survive the ride home! Close. And not the kind of epic we were looking for.

Made good time rest of way back, till Shawn and I found it necessary to hike a bike down Paskapoo slopes. After making it out we did a few errands at Bow, then home.

Cindy, Andrea and Cesar went home the Glenbow park way, and then suffered navigation issues in the city to get home late.

All that's a bit of a preamble to Blacksheep 2.0's maiden voyage. I loved the frame before. I had a smile on my face for 5h just feeling the pleasure of riding a machine of such artistry. The Dura-ace 9000 stuff is such a pleasure it's hard to describe. The switch to disc brakes is amazing, I can't believe how long I held out (plus the fender and wheel mounting is so clean). Lastly, the carbon wheels are stiff, wide and comfy. Entirely happy rider here! I'm biased, but I think it's beauty as well as incredibly functional.

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