Thursday, 14 August 2008

TransRockies day 4

Woke up on time at Whiteswan instead of craving every last morsel of sleep. Cool morning again, went to start line with shorts and jersey and was shivering the whole time. Rollout was a good warmup, and they moved the first checkpoint up the hill a ways so after 15k of gravel road all 500 riders didn't blow through a checkpoint at 40km/h.

After the first checkpoint I couldn't hold the first group and started sliding back. Craig was riding strong, we crossed the rivers without dismounting, then started the first big climb. It took a lot out of me, after that was totally looking forward to the downhill - did my best to avoid the brakes. We cruised along, but on the gravel road I had a hard time keeping up to Craig, who's now known as the "c-train" when I'm working to stay in the draft, I had a tough time making the power over the tops of hills, felt lots of cumulative fatigue. The section between checkpoints 1 and 2 was hard, I was suffering to move along, sort of dreaded the upcoming climb.

I got the guy at checkpoint 2 to dig out a full banana for me instead of a sliced one. Was worried about trying to stay with ClimbingCraig for the next hour. Somehow that whole banana fired me up for the hike a bike and climb, so we passed a bunch of teams right away and kept going hard right to the top. Felt good. We survived the downhill, no dabbing or wipeouts. I did have 2 butterflies go into my helmet on the way down, I tried to shake them out while riding but it didn't work... was hoping to make it to the gravel so I could go no-hands and take my helmet off, but they were crawling on my head which I couldn't take... so I had to stop to let them out.

Craig hammered out the last few km, we finished early enough to do some serious R&R, hit the pool and all of that good stuff. Traded my helmet as collateral for 2 burgers and 2 greek salads, sweet.

Pat and Geoff finished fifth I think, had a solid but slightly more tired day. Mical rode again (good news) in middle ring (bad news), front shifter pod was toast.

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